Q: Is my personal data safe?

A: Your personal data is completely safe. In fact, most of the data remains housed on facebook servers. We simply utilize the facebook platform to obtain data only as needed.

Q: What will the post look like?

A: The message will be posted to your wall and your friend will be tagged in it.

Q: Will I need to input my friends’ birthdays?

A: No, birthdayFB pulls your friends’ birthdays from facebook and automatically posts your messages.

Q: Is there a limit to how many messages I can post?

A: At this time there is no limit.

Q: Does it cost me anything to use birthdayFB?

A: The pre-scheduled wall posts and the abilitity to send Messenger messages is completely free. The greeting card mailing service (if available in your area) has a charge.

Q: Does birthdayFB work with any other platforms such as LinkedIn?

A: At this time birthdayFB is limited to posting automatic facebook birthday messages and sending facebook birthday wishes through the facebook platform. In certain markets (The United States only at the time of this writing) you may also mail physical greeting cards.

Q: What if I don’t want to receive the daily e-mail digest?

A: You can change your preferences to receive only a weekly e-mail digest at anytime on the preferences page. You can’t, however, turn them off completely unless you cancel your account.

Q: What if I no longer want to utilize birthdayFB?

A: If you would like to completely delete your account you can do so from the Settings page.

Q: What if I’d like to simply automatically send facebook birthday wall posts without have to schedule them?

A: While you can set a default facebook wall post that can be used for scheduling the automatic wall post the morning of your friend’s birthday, you do need to click the “Schedule Post” button for each friend. We promise, it’s very quick.

Q: Why do I receive e-mails stating that I need to login on a regular basis?

A: Facebook requires that you continue to login regularly to ensure that you still want the app to post the birthday messages on your behalf.

Q: If I choose to mail a birthday greeting card “Immediately” how long will it to mail the greeting card?

A: We attempt to get greeting cards out as fast possible but please allow 2 to 3 business days for us to get it in the mail. You will receive a confirmation email when it’s complete.